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Proudly serving the Eau Claire community, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from Fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and other opiates.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction & Substance Abuse Recovery

The hurdles associated with overcoming an addiction to opioids can be among the most difficult that an individual can face during his or her lifetime. Once addicted to opioids such as prescription painkillers or heroin, every aspect of life soon revolves around the use and abuse of these substances. Job loss becomes a reality due to poor performance at work, once important relationships begin to crumble, financial struggles appear as income potential decreases, and many find that they are faced with legal issues. In addition to these social issues, addiction can cause detrimental health hazards for those unable to cease their use of opioids.

Medically Assisted Treatment

Medically Assisted Treatment for Opioid Abuse

North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to assist you in safely regaining control of the life that addiction has taken over. By offering comprehensive treatment, our patients are afforded the care needed to treat the physical and psychological components of their addictions, and allows those we treat to prepare for futures that are opioid-free. The following benefits are those associated with the use of medication assisted treatment for opioid dependency:

  • The symptoms that typically accompany withdrawal once the use of opioids has stopped are eliminated which allow patients to play a productive role in daily obligations such as work and school.
  • Cravings for continued opioid use are diminished which helps to prevent relapse.
  • The medications that are prescribed within treatment are legal prescriptions that have been clinically proven to safely aid patients in progressing towards recovery when they are taken as directed and under the close supervision of a trained medical professional.

Please contact North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center today if you or someone you care about is unable to break free from the dangerous cycle of opioid abuse. The dedicated team of professionals at North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center is here to assist you every step of the way to ensure a safe and efficient treatment experience.