Methadone Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if methadone is right for me?

Approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), methadone is a safe and effective treatment option for individuals who are struggling with addictions to opioids. When taken as directed and under the supervision of a trained medical professional, the use of methadone will not cause any detrimental health risks to patients. The use of this medication also provides individuals with relief from the physical discomforts that take place during the process of withdrawal while also eliminating cravings for additional opioid use.

Individuals who are interested in incorporating methadone into their treatment plan should first discuss its use with their treatment provider. There are multiple medications that can be prescribed for treatment at North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center, which is why finding the appropriate fit based upon a patient’s unique goals and treatment requirements is imperative to achieve recovery success.

Can I become addicted to methadone?

Because methadone is a controlled substance, there is risk for abuse and dependency when it is taken outside of its prescribed guidelines. However, when taken as directed within a licensed medication assisted treatment program under the close supervision of a medical professional, the use of methadone is extremely safe and the risk for abuse is minimal. The staff at North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center ensures the safety of each patient by closely monitoring the administration of all medications.

Will methadone show up on a drug screening?

Patients who are prescribed methadone and are required to complete a drug screen during the course of treatment will not test positive as a specific test is required to detect the presence of methadone within a person’s system. However, a drug screen will detect the presence of opioids and other substances should a patient attempt to abuse them while in treatment.

How long will I need to be on methadone?

The length of time that a patient will remain on methadone will be dependent upon his or her unique treatment requirements. While methadone is approved safe for long-term use, patients are not required to remain on it long-term. By working closely with your treatment team, you will be able to determine the length of time that methadone will benefit you for.

Does methadone interact with other drugs or medications?

Since the use of methadone can cause negative drug interactions with other mediations, substances, and prescriptions, it is extremely important for patients to openly discuss the use of other substances with their treatment team prior to incorporating methadone into their plan of treatment. It is also important for patients to refrain from the use of opioids, alcohol, and other illegal substances during the course of treatment due to the dangerous interactions that can take place.

What if I no longer wish to take Methadone? Can I stop or switch to a different medication?

While the use of methadone has been clinically proven safe for long-term use, patients are not required to remain on this medication indefinitely. Because symptoms of withdrawal can occur should the use of methadone suddenly cease, it is important for patients to follow their treatment provider’s guidelines to safely taper off of their medication to avoid experiencing these symptoms. Once a patient’s system is completely free of methadone, he or she may then transition onto a different medication or remain opioid-free without the assistance of a prescription medication.

What is the cost for methadone treatment?

The treatment available through North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center is personalized to meet the unique needs of each of our patients. The medication that is prescribed, the additional treatment services that are utilized, and the method of payment that is used can all cause the final cost of care to vary between individual patients. To learn more about the final cost of care based upon your individual treatment needs, please contact the intake team at North West Wisconsin Comprehensive Treatment Center today. We are here to assist you in breaking free from the dangerous cycle of opioid addiction.